I Have been to Marie 3 times now, and find her evidence of passed love ones remarkable. Marie has brought through from the Spirit World, evidence of my mother and my granny who have both passed. More importantly she brought through evidence of someone very special & important to me. proving undoubtably they around me 24/7. Thank you so very much Marie you are with out a doubt one of the Spirit World's messengers. XXxxxx :)

Added: March 11, 2013

Hi Maire, thank you for my beautiful reading today. I have a huge smile knowing my grandad is around me. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for making me so comfortable in your home. I look forward to many more readings in the future. (After the 6 months are up) :D * * *

Added: February 23, 2013

I went to see Marie for the second time last night and am never disappointed. I try to visit her once a year for my 'annual check up'.
Marie is the most accurate Medium and Clairvoyant I have ever seen and I wouldn't see anyone else now!
Thank you so much Marie for a beautiful reading. You always make me feel so warm and welcome in your home.
I look forward to seeing you next year!
All the best

Added: December 11, 2012

had my first reading with marie ,she was very accurate and made me feel very welcome , i would have no hesitation in telling others how good she was , 10 out of 10

Added: November 29, 2012

i had my first ever reading today with marie at first i was sceptical cos ive never had one done didnt know what to expect but marie made me feel very at ease, she was very accurate and just over all spot on. regarding my loved ones. shes such a wonderful spirit thank you marie xxxxxx

Added: April 18, 2012

Hi Marie,you already know how much I value you and your work. You are the most amazing person that I have ever met when it comes to irrefutable evidence of life after death and messages from 'departed' loved ones.
I have had several readings from you and every single one has been so accurate. I have not strived to make things happen as you predicted but as things have unfolded I have looked back and thought "oh so that's what Marie meant".
I have been going to Spiritualist churches for more than 40 years and indeed got married in one and I have to say you are the best; You are accurate, give very clear guidance and are so professional. You have helped me at times of great unhappiness and turmoil giving me the strength or rather putting me in touch with the strength that I have needed to get through. You are truly a gift from God to us all. THANK YOU. God Bless you. xxxxxxxxxx :D

Added: July 30, 2011

Hello, Having moved form the midlands to Devon some 3 years ago, i have noticed that the mediumship level here is very low, meaning 95% of the mediums i have seen doing demo's at churchs have been way off the mark. Has made me stop going to churchs in someway. I am NOT saying that you are the same, just wondering why this is so. Its been so long since i had a good msg from loved ones, sadly that medium has since passed to spirit.
Thank you.

Added: March 26, 2011

Hi Marie.
I must say, before i visited one of your meetings, i was very sceptical about afterlife. However, i can honestly say that i am now a firm believer of the spiritual world, and i thank you for opening my eyes on this subject. Take care

Added: November 17, 2010

What a lovely evening. I did not know what to expect and left feeling uplifted and fascinated. Thank you Marie. I have enjoyed listening to the tape.

Julie :D

Added: September 16, 2010

Marie--thank-you soo much! Last night you did a second amazing reading for me. I feel as if I have been living in a self-imposed prison for too long and somehow its as if you handed me the set of keys to open all the doors!
A big thank-you to the spirits that came though too. :)

Added: August 3, 2010